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Nature and people from Baška area have taught us the formula for health and happiness. The steady way towards health and with it towards beauty is living in accordance with nature, enjoying in comforts it offers and listening to its messages. Wellness Baška offers You a unique way to experience this area – with the synergy of the sound of the sea, the smell of aromatic plants, the soft touch of Mediterranean and the colours and tastes of nature.

By entering the oasis of Wellness the time leisurely slows down, and the space dazes you with relaxation and feeling of comfort. The walk through the interior of Wellnes Baška is like a relaxing walk through the picturesque Mediterranean streets, like the ones in Baška. This atmosphere is only an addition to the magnificent geographical location of Baška with which it creates harmonious oneness. The "main street" links 5 functional units of the indoor section of the Wwllness Centre Baška, covering 1,300 square metres of completely air-conditioned space.

We approach authentic values with contemporary manner – using the natural preparations from the Mediterranean soil we bring back the body and mind into a healthy balance.

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