To make your stay in Baška eve more appealing, once you have become acquainted with the town's traditions and culture, we recommend going on an excursion. So, You only need to choose your destination and book your trip at Reception.

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When you find yourself on the beautiful pebbly beach in Baška, the very last southeast point of Krk island, and you want to experience something else, then come with us on an excursion, sight-seeing tour, hearing a discourse, to the concert or for a walk.

On the Island Krk Tour excursion you can go in a group with a guide, first to Kosljun, where the Franciscan monastery is situated. On our way out of the Punat cove, as we continue driving between the olive trees and the blue see, we just have to stop near the early Croatian church from the 9th century, Sv Dunat.

In the illustrious town of Krk we are awaited by the magical architecture that keeps traces of ancient Romans, Venice, Italy and Croats. You can still sense the spirit of the Frankopans in the Castle, on the walls, which are following us while we are admiring the churches, the cathedral, galleries and the port where the coffee bars are. We are going to rest for a while here and drink a glass of good Croatian white wine. In the town above the sea, Vrbnik, you will find the beauty, the history and the gastronomy.

After hearing the stories about the first Croatian statute, the first lord of Krk, Dujam, the story about the brothers Vitezic and their library, we are going to walk to the sacral collection Desetinec, Ethnical Museum and the Glagolitic printing-house of Vrbnik. At the end of this magical short voyage, we are going to stand ourselves a treat with an autochthonous Croatian wine Žlahtina, Krk sheep cheese and home made smoked Ham.

On the island we can lead you to the beautiful Roman town Fulvinium near by Omišalj, to the cave Biserujka, to the Roman salt-works – Soline.

You can not leave Baska without seeing the temple of Croatian literacy and Glagolitic culture – the complex of Sveta Lucija in Jurandvor. Bašćanska ploča, the Croatian "birth certificate" awaits you in the quietness of the church.  

Do you want to go for a nice walk after dinner? Walk to the church of Sveti Ivan with the magnificent view of the Baška cove.

From Baška you can go for a, not one or two, but 90 kilometres long walk along the marked Pathways – a real heaven for botanists, hikers and all of those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature. If you are staying for more days in Baška, you can go with us to dry land, follow in the footsteps of the Vinodolski Glagolitic priests, wine-ways, or even further to the wonderful Plitvice Lakes.

If you value Austrian-Hungarian history, you have to come with us to Opatija. But before we go to Opatija, we’ll go to the Marijan sanctuary on Trsat, and to the Theatre of Ivan pl. Zajc to see the pictures of the famous Viennese paint artist Klimt. We shall not fail to visit the Governor’s Palace and the market building in Rijeka, and for a while we’ll rest while drinking a cup of coffee on the weir of Karolina Riječka.

If you prefer a ride with a ship, go with us to the islands: Rab, Goli, Grgur, Prvić, or on a fish-picnic, on night fishing or for a ride with a small boat to the neighbouring romantic beaches.

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