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The beginnings of organised tourism in Baška date back to 1904, when a Society for the Beautification of the Settlement was established.

The first hotel, the Zvonimir, was opened in 1906. 1908 saw the construction and grand opening of the Baška bathing area, a key year in the very quick development of tourism here. But it was a Czech national, Emil Geistlich, a big fan of Baška, that gave Baška tourism a concept and stepped up its development. He built what was at the time a very modern hotel, the Baška, with 33 rooms. He advertised the hotel in Prague with the slogan "From your room, straight to the sea." A physician, Zdenka Čermakova, also contributed to the development of tourism in Baška. 

And while the number of registered guests in 1908 was 18, by 1912 the number had climbed to 1785!

The Baška, Grandić, Velebit, Zvonimir, Praha and Volarić hotels operated in Baška between the years 1921 and 1940, all constructed by 1914, and the Kvarner, Triglav and Europa hotels, built by 1930. Also built were a number of modern villas and guesthouses.

1949 saw the founding of the Baška Hotels Company, one of the first of its kind on the island of Krk. It included one of the hotels (the former Volarić hotel) and the Ribar Inn. The company had two permanent and twelve seasonal employees. 

The first foreign guests arrived in 1955, and by 1956 the first deals had been signed with foreign agencies like the Vienna-based Ruefa and the Goettler and Capri agencies by way of the Opatija-based Kvarner Express Company. 

20 B-category bungalow units were built in 1962 (with a 40-bed capacity). The Zablaće camp was opened in 1967 with a capacity of 300 guests. It now has a capacity of 1,600 visitors.

The 66-bed, B-category, Adria annex as built in 1964. That was followed two years later with the construction of the 152-bed Zvonimir annex. Brisk business paved the way for the expansion of the company with the construction of the hotel Corinthia-Baška (Phase I, 1970). It featured 248 beds, a modern kitchen and a restaurant. The Bunculuka nudist camp was opened in 1978 and had a capacity of 1,200 visitors.

1986 saw phase II of the construction of the hotel Corinthia-Baška with the construction of a 274-bed hotel wing, followed by phase III in 1990 with the construction of the 337-bed wing III of the hotel Corinthia-Baška . Parallel to this construction was that of the Velebit, Strand, Galeb, Ribar and Zarok restaurants, 3 department stores and ten tennis courts... 

From 1994 (following the conversion from a command economy corporate structure), the company has operated under the name of Hoteli Baška d.d., the Hoteli Baška joint stock company. The Corinthia-Baška I was completely renovated in 1998 as a 4-star facility, with all of its complementary facilities. That same year the 3-star Villas Corinthia-Baška were built at the site of the bungalows, and the Zablaće camp was completely revamped. 

Thanks to continued investment into the accommodation facilities and improvements to the quality of service, the Hoteli Baška Company has become a recognisable tourism industry player and the chief motor of tourism development in Baška. 

The further growth and development of the company resulted in new investments in 2003. The old Zvonimir annex was completely overhauled into the Hotel Zvonimir, the first 4-star hotel on the island of Krk, right on the beachfront. The Adria annex was also renovated and converted into the 4-star Villa Adria, a new facility with 12 modern suites. 

That same year saw the investment of significant funds into the camps: a new reception and sanitary facilities were built at the Zablaće camp, while the same were renovated at the Bunculuka camp.

Nowadays tourists regard their vacation time as a different experience and use it in various ways. They are open to alternatives and willing to get away from the daily routine, if even for just a few hours. These new trends saw the creation of the Wellness Centre Baška, which opened its doors in the spring of 2005. With this Hoteli Baška have once again demonstrated that it is in step with the times, with its basic mission of meeting the new needs and ever-greater expectations of its guests. 

A series of investments into existing accommodation facilities were continued in 2007 with the aim of enriching and improving the existing offer and with the goal of our better positioning on the tourism market. This saw the installation of air conditioning in the remaining accommodation units at the Hotel Corinthia-Baška, which means that all permanent structures at the Hoteli Baška now feature air conditioning. The rooms of the Corinthia-Baska II/III were renovated and refitted with new furniture and a magnetic card room entry system was introduced, also for the use of the wellness centre, the parking lot and the payment of additional services… 

At the site of the former hotels Baška and Velebit, right on the beachfront, at the centre of the well-known Baška beach, the Hoteli Baška Company built a completely new accommodation facility in 2008 - the Atrium Residence Baška. This new showpiece facility offers a total of 64 accommodation units, appointed at the 4 and 5 star level. 

The 4-star Villa Adria was also revamped in 2008. The capacity of the existing facility was increased by 16 accommodation units, bringing up the total number accommodation units of the new complex to 28. 

Our ambitious plans for further development and capital investment in 2008 was continued with the outfitting of a modern, multifunctional 250-capacity congress area at the Corinthia-Baška, with all of the necessary technical devices and aids, which provide for a better quality of congress tourism.

Continuous investment into our operations - above all into the quality of services rendered, cultural heritage and an enviable local climate make this a good foundation for the development of a hotel company guests are satisfied with and make return visits to.

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